Professional Oboe Reeds (Blank)


We provide these Professional Oboe Reeds (Blank) for oboe players who want to scrape their own reeds but don’t want to waste their valuable time tying the reeds. Our Professional Oboe Reeds (Blank) are extremely well structured and robust, and they are made with carefully selected high-standard material. They naturally have very good balance between tone and speed. You can scrape them very comfortably and achieve your own expectations.

Our Professional Reeds work very well with all major oboe brands, including Howarth, Buffet, Loree, Rigoutat, Josef, Monique, Yamaha, Marigaux, Fossati, Partricola, etc.

Professional Oboe Reeds (Blank) are excellent for players who:

    • like to do their own scraping, but are too busy to tie their own reeds;
    • intermediate to advanced students who want to practice their scraping skills.

These reeds are very beautifully tied and built. We are confident that they are among the best tied reeds you can purchase.


Professional Oboe Reeds (Blank)

Note :

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